Reopening Updates

The Atascadero United Methodist Church, under the direction of the California-Pacific Conference of the United Methodist Church, is now allowing groups of 10 and fewer to meet inside church buildings and outside church services. Church leaders are working on plans to bring worship inside by May. In-person services will take place at 10 a.m. on Sundays on the labyrinth. Dress warmly and bring blankets. Rain will cancel in-person worship service. The weekly service will continue to be premiered Sundays at 9:45 a.m. at our YouTube channel.

Requirements for in-person worship

  • Each participate must bring his or her own seat.
  • All participants must wear a face mask and maintain six feet of social distancing at all times.
  • All participants must complete the pre-screening questions when arriving to the church. To find the pre-screening questions CLICK HERE.
  • Participants will remove any waste that they create.

Requirements for in-person group meetings

  • All participants must wear a face mask and maintain six feet of social distancing at all times.
  • The host or hostess must contact the church office to confirm the meeting date and time, get it on the church calendar, and request a meeting report form.
  • The person requesting the meeting (host) must fill out a meeting report form.
  • The host or hostess will be responsible for furnishing each planned attendee to the meeting with a copy of the health screening questions and advising attendees that if they can answer yes to any question on the list on the day of the meeting, they should not attend the meeting. Attendees should also be advised that temperatures will be taken.
  • Prior to the meeting, the host or hostess will be responsible for arranging setup and sanitation of tables and chairs. Attendees who come from separate households will be seated at separate tables, one person per table. When tables are not required, chairs will be placed a minimum of 6 feet apart. Each table and chair must be cleaned with the provided disinfectant along with doorknobs, and jams, light switches, and any other surface that might reasonably be expected to be touched during the course of the meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting the host or hostess will be responsible for cleaning or assigning someone to clean the same surfaces again.
  • When possible, the screen door in Dexter Hall will be opened and the exhaust fan switch beside the sliding screen door will be on. The front doors of the building will be opened so that it is not necessary to touch the doors when entering or exiting.
  • As the meeting attendees arrive, they should remain outside the building at six-foot distances while the host or hostesses takes their temperatures and asks the COVID-19 Health Screening Questions. Upon completion, the attendees may enter the building. The host or hostess will give seating instructions and answer any related questions.
  • Special attention should be paid to pens, pencils, and papers, etc. that they are not handled by multiple persons.
  • Upon conclusion of the meeting, the attendees are to maintain social distancing on exiting.
  • The host or hostess will leave a copy of the completed meeting report form in the church office.

Make a meeting reservation by contacting the church office at 805-466-2566 or

Meeting report form