2022 Stewardship Campaign

The financial condition at AUMC was truly ugly at the beginning of 2021 for the first few months. Monthly church expenses were $6,000 more than income – not a sustainable situation. Once informed, the congregation stepped up to the challenge with additional funds and volunteers to fill positions that enabled the church to cut expenses. Still, with the available funding, we were not able to support the full 2021 budget, but we were able to fund all church operations and staff salaries. As we opened up, the church increased its income as we had hoped, but it also increased expenses. It’s too early to tell, but at the moment, we will most likely finish the year with a small deficit.

It is now that time of year to start planning for 2022. The Stewardship Campaign for 2022 kicked off on Oct. 31. The campaign will run until Consecration Sunday, Nov. 21.

The Finance Committee has decided to take a different approach for this campaign. In the past, campaigns have emphasized what AUMC has accomplished over the year. This year our accomplishment has been staying open. Emphasis on this campaign will be to let you know what it costs to keep AUMC operating, what our income sources are, and where your pledge money goes. Boring? Maybe. We think if you understand what it costs to operate your church, you can make a better and more informed financial commitment.

AUMC is different things to different people, but at the basic core, we believe we attend because we want/need a relationship with God and Jesus Christ. As a church family, we have all helped build and maintain the beautiful grounds, campus, and sanctuary where we worship and grow spiritually. We encourage all who want to see how their pledge will help keep our worship home open and thriving to watch the Finance Committee Presentation that took place on Oct. 31 after worship. Watch the presentation above.

~AUMC Finance Committee.