Use Our Facility

Atascadero United Methodist Church
Facilities Usage Fees and Regulations
Application Process

CLICK HERE FOR THE APPLICATION, return to the church office at 11605 El Camino Real in Atascadero. Call 805-466-2566 with any questions.

Without exception, all applicants must acquire from the church office, two copies of the facilities usage fees and regulations.

Applicants shall submit to the church secretary one copy of the application.

Applicants shall, without exception, make arrangements for a responsible adult to be present. The name and telephone number of this adult shall be included on the application; otherwise, the application shall be invalid.

Legal Terms
The use of the church grounds and facilities are at the discretion of the pastor and the Board of Trustees. This agreement grants a personal license only, does not create a tenancy and may not be assigned to or used by any other organization or person.

Licensee agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Church, its officers, members, clergy, staff, agents, and volunteers from all claims, losses, costs, obligations, and liabilities for injuries to any persons, or for damages to or loss of property of any kind in any way arising out of Licensee’s use of the facilities granted by this agreement, whether or not arising from any negligence, fault, or legal liability of the Church, its officers, members, clergy staff, agents and volunteers.

Applicants shall guarantee and agree that any church property real/or personal, which is damaged by applicant arising out of this use agreement, will be repaired or replaced (at the option of the church) at the expense of the applicant.

The church reserves the right at any time to make such reasonable rules and regulations as in its judgment may be necessary for the safety, care, reputation and cleanliness of the premises.

Fees & Deposit:
Fee Schedule:

Sanctuary* $300
Dexter Hall (approximately a four-hour period) $150
Use of main hall would include nursery and lounge if needed.
Kitchen $50 (if the kitchen is used, a church member must be present)
Classroom $25
Moving the piano $135
Moving pulpit, lectern, baptismal font, and/or altar $50
Moving altar rails $50
Event Host as determined by Trustees $75

Additional fees for weddings:
Wedding hostesses $75
Organist (if needed, please negotiate with the organist)

There is a $300 security deposit required at the time of acceptance of application which is refundable within 14 days after the date of the event if no damage is done or cleaning above the ordinary is necessary. As determined by the Trustees, the following fees may be deducted from your deposit:
The deposit will not be refunded until the keys to the church have been returned.
If extra janitorial attention is required we will deduct $75 to cover these fees.
If the church property is damaged or endangered in any way, we may retain the full amount of your deposit.

Fees for the use of the Sanctuary, Dexter hall, and kitchen will be waived for church members. However, members will be charged the wedding hostess fee and/or janitorial fee, if their services are used.

All other fees are to be paid in full at least seven days prior to the event. Organist fee, if applicable, should be paid directly to the organist and arrangements made with that person directly.

If you should have to cancel, you must do so at least 7 days prior to the event. $35 of your deposit will be retained to cover our time and paperwork involved. If the wedding hostess has been assisting you, we will also retain $50 of her fee. If the event coordinator has been assisting you, we will retain $50 of his fee.

* Fee subject to change depending on size of group using the facility.

Movement of furniture
In the Sanctuary area, movement of any furniture should be cleared with either the Trustees, the event coordinator or the wedding coordinator. The Trustees will always have the final word on furniture moving. The pulpit, lectern and altar table will remain in place for weddings. For other events, the pulpit, lectern, baptismal font, rails and altar table may be moved to the back or side of the chancel with the permission of the trustees. Only designated church members will move these items. The chairs may be moved only with permission of the church.

The grand piano may only be moved upon approval of the Trustees. It will not be taken higher than the level it is now on. If a move is approved, an additional fee of $135 will be charged. Any move is to be coordinated through the Trustees. A person or persons [members of this church] shall be responsible for arranging any move of the piano. A representative of the group requesting the move should arrange to be present when the piano is moved to insure satisfactory placement of the instrument. If a representative is not present, the placement of the piano shall be at the discretion of the movers. Any additional tuning of the piano must be done by our tuner and paid for by the applicant. Flower arrangements will not, under any circumstances, be placed on the piano or organ.

Other Rules and Regulations

1. Church facilities cannot be used for the following activities:

  • Profitable purposes
  • Political, business, promotional or secret activities
  • Overthrow of the church or government

2. Applicants shall use only those facilities described in the application. Applicants shall comply with the intended use stated in the application and shall not interfere with the regular conduct of the Church’s activities.

3. Groups using the church’s facilities will be responsible for room set up and clean up except in the sanctuary area or when other advance arrangements have been made, and will return the room to its proper order after using the facilities. Vacuum cleaners are located in the storage room. All garbage and debris resulting from the use of the facility by the group or individual must be removed from the church property by the applicant.

4. No smoking in the buildings or on church property.

5. Applicants shall provide adequate adult supervision for children.

6. No alcohol on the church property.

7. No food or drinks in the sanctuary; however, they are allowed in the lobby.

8. No church property may be removed from the premises without approval of the Board of Trustees. An appropriate refundable deposit, less repairs or breakage is required for all items approved for removal from the premises.

9. Keys will be made available to the Licensee’s representative as listed on the front of this application. Keys should be picked up and returned during regular Church office hours. A portion of the deposit will be retained until the return of all keys.

10. Under no circumstances are the keys to the Church property to be duplicated by any person(s) in a user group unless specifically given written approval by the Church’s Board of Trustees.

11. Use of the Church facilities for long-term group activities (e.g. Scouts, etc.) will be reviewed on an annual basis, and application for church facilities use must be made on an annual basis. Regular users must either be an officially church sponsored group or possess current non-profit status and number.

12. Changes or deviations to the fees or regulations must have the approval of two of the following – Senior Minister, Chairman of Administrative Council or Chairman of the Board of Trustees.