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Child care Specialist

Position Description: 

Childcare Specialist (non-exempt, part-time, at-will)

Position Purpose: 

The Childcare Specialist is responsible for establishing positive first impression for parents and children who are utilizing the childcare system of AUMC and will also offer support and continuity between the nursery, child care, and preschool classrooms.

We believe that infants, toddlers, and children experience God’s love through the adults who care for them and we want children and parent to look forward to being with the Childcare Specialist on Sunday Mornings.

Core Competencies:

  • Know Basic Developmental Rates of Infants/Toddlers
  • Infant/CPR Certification
  • Volunteer Management
  • Ability to lift children
  • Awareness of Emergency Procedures

Core Characteristics:

  • Outgoing
  • Patient
  • Confident
  • Resourceful
  • Organized
  • Punctual


Sunday Morning

  • Maintain prompt hours (Sundays 9:45 am–12:15 pm) and notify Supervisor in the event of an illness or other unexpected absence a minimum of two hours prior to a scheduled shift.
  • Maintain a clean and neat appearance.
  • Be prepared to welcome children and families in the sanctuary or nursery beginning at 9:45 am to welcome and inform families of child care program on Sunday morning. (In many cases the Childcare Specialist may sit with a new or “in need” family through the brief message and then shepherd children to childcare.)  This includes informing about:
    • Comfort room
    • Narthex
    • Restrooms with changing tables
    • Activity Notebooks
  • Ensure adequate coverage based on the number of children in childcare.
  • Work with other child care workers and volunteers to create a warm and accepting environment for the nurture of each child.
  • Demonstrate sound judgment and supervisory skills with nursery volunteers and help facilitate the ongoing work of volunteers in the nursery.
  • Recognize that each child is a sensitive, thinking individual and treat him or her accordingly.
  • Help reassure parents that the child is well cared for.
  • Work with Nursery Specialist to keep the physical environment clean and maintain order.
    • Arrange playground area before worship
    • Sanitize toys and area regularly.
  • Supervise all indoor and outdoor activities to ensure the safety of the children at all times.  Be alert to the entire group even when dealing with only a part of it.
  • Assist infants and toddlers with physical needs.
  • Be aware of an implement any special needs or restrictions as requested by parent or caregiver in cooperation with Nursery Specialist.
  • Be available to assist Sunday School teachers in younger age classrooms as needed.
  • Role model positive adult/child interactions.

Special Days

  • The Childcare worker is expected to be available to provide care for special events or extra services such as Easter, Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, and other church events.  These dates will be known well in advance and the Childcare worker may ask/request to be excused from providing care two weeks prior to respective shift should personal conflicts emerge
  • Recognized AUMC groups within the church may contact the Childcare worker to provide care for other events. The Childcare specialist is not required to provide care at these events and will not be paid by the church for these events unless approved by the Pastor and/or the Director of Children’s Ministries

Other Responsibilities/Notifications

  • Notify lead pastor immediately of any health condition which would place the children at risk or impede successful completion of duties.
  • Report all suspected child abuse as required by law and notify the Pastor within six hours.
  • Suggest improvements for child care program to Lead Pastor and Christian Formation Committee.
  • This position requires lifting infants and toddlers up to 40 pounds
  • Clear criminal background check required.
  • The probationary period is three months.


The rate of pay for this position is $12.50 per hour with the minimum assurance of 2 hours of pay for each “event” (e.g. if the actual work time is less than 2 hours, compensation will be paid for 2 hours.)

To apply

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